Collection: Cashmere Topper

Our favorite 100% Cashmere Dress Topper Poncho by Alashan is the must have cashmere poncho for every woman. Our brand ambassadors claim that Alashan "owns the rainbow". This poncho is perfect for every occasion and can be worn in 4 different ways! The wear, drape and look of this poncho will have you back for new colors from our rainbow. These wraps are great for travel, just roll them up and put them in a tote, then pop it on when the temperature drops. It's perfect to dress up or down and is the the perfect transition between day and evening looks. This wrap is the perfect combination of genuine comfort and irresistible style!

Easy to wear 4 ways:
This is the most versatile piece! Use the seam as your guide. Move the seam to the back and it's "topper style" - shorter in the front and longer in the back. Move the seam down either of your arms and you have an asymmetrical poncho - which is very lengthening and slenderizing. Move the seam to the front and you have a v-neck that is longer in the front and shorter in the back. Then you can take the long tails in the front and tie them in the back around your waist. That makes for a very youthful sexy look.

100% Cashmere

2 Ply 7 gauge knit

35" W X 20" H

One size fits all

Body length 20"
Cashmere Topper